The Powerful Empath

001 | POWERFUL EMPATH - The Magic of Certainty

November 6, 2018

POWERFUL EMPATH EPISODE - The Magic of Certainty

Certainty holds within it a special power to make fantastic things happen.  When we are certain that we can't lose, we always win.  This works for good things and bad things as well.  All certainty isn't necessarily going to manifest good into our lives.  Some of us are certain of poverty or certain of how our spouse is going to react.  The bottom line is that certainty can make or break how we come through a situation - for good or for bad. 

How are you using certainty, and what does it mean to you?  Have you ever thought about this before? Share your thoughts with me on my Facebook page:  Elite Coaching by Lacy Christ

During Tim Time, my husband shares something he's certain about and the feelings that he has when he's certain. 

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