The Powerful Empath

011 | Let Yourself Dream

May 27, 2019

Let Yourself Dream!  You are capable of amazing things.  

Card of the Day:  From the Wild Moon Lunar Phase Deck.  During the show I read the first paragraph on the card.  See the rest of the card here and don’t forget to follow The Powerful Empath on IG:

Here’s what we cover in this podcast: 

What good is it to have dreams!?

Questions to ask yourself to assess whether you’re dreaming big or playing small.

What to prepare for when you start letting yourself dream ALL the dreams.

And for Tim Time I asked my husband “How important do you think it is to dream big?” I love his answer and I can’t wait to talk with you about it over in the ShinyAF Facebook Group:

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Love & Light!

Lacy Christ <3