The Powerful Empath

013 | The Classical Elements & You

June 11, 2019

The Classical Elements & You. 

Card of the Day:  6 of Swords from the Mystic Dreamer’s Tarot.  See this beautiful card and its interpretation on Instagram and don’t forget to follow The Powerful Empath on IG:

Here’s what we cover in this podcast: 

  1. The importance of the Classical Elements in our daily lives
  2. The Element of Earth
  3. The Element of Air
  4. The Element of Water
  5. The Element of Fire

And for Tim Time I asked my husband “What classical element do you relate with the most?” Let’s talk about you you would answer this and his answer over in the ShinyAF Facebook Group:  BTW - Tim’s sign is Libra which is an AIR sign.

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Love & Light!