The Powerful Empath

014 | Employed as an Empath

July 1, 2019

Employed as an Empath!  What does it all mean? 


Card of the Day: The World Card, from the Mystic Dreamer’s Tarot.  This card is all about fulfillment, harmony and completion.  These are all things we seek when we try to find employment in a world of uncertainty!  This card reminds us that we are capable of GREAT things, indeed - ANYthing!  See the picture of the card here and don’t forget to follow The Powerful Empath on IG:


What it does and doesn’t mean to be employed as an empath.  Is it any different than to be employed as a less empathic person?


How do I know if I’m standing in my value?

  • Examples of ways that we let ourselves be codependent and undervalued
  • Examples of ways that we can become empowered as an employed empath
  • How to make tough choices and pivot when necessary


What are the hallmarks of being empathic in the workplace and what can I do to make the most of it?


And for Tim Time I asked my husband “What’s your take on crying in the workplace?” I love his very businesslike answer and I can’t wait to talk with you about it over in the ShinyAF Facebook Group:


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Love & Light!