The Powerful Empath

015 | Cycles of Depression

July 11, 2019

Depression is running rampant.  Let’s empower eachother to not let anxiety rule the day. 


Card of the Day - Six of Swords - Radiant Rider Waite - transition with mental clarity on the other side…  it’s not going to last forever and don’t dwell on what’s left behind!  Think about what you’re doing - the baggage that you’ve brought with you - and keep your eye trained on the outcome you want.  See the card here and don’t forget to follow The Powerful Empath on IG:


Here’s what we cover in this podcast: 

  • How the cycles of depression are like a hair wash - you can’t just do it once and be done with it!
  • Some of my best practices to wash depression down the drain.
  • How we deal with depression has cycles too… some of them work better than others.


And for Tim Time I asked my husband “If depression were a storm cloud, what would be its silver lining?” I love his answer and I can’t wait to talk with you about it over in the ShinyAF Facebook Group:


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Love & Light!