The Powerful Empath

036 | Alignment Secret #2 • Breathe Deeper

January 23, 2020

Go ahead.  Take a deep breath - see if you feel better {you will!}.  

When we breathe deep we feel good. 

Little known fact:  90% of all fat loss happens through breath.

Things you can do to breathe deeper:

Sex - orgasm



Exercise - any kind

Being Cold

Smoking (don't)

Being scared / angry

Fighting - talking louder / speaking




Alternatively you can use breathing to get you into the state of flow:

Breathing Meditation - Holotropic Breathwork (consult your physician!)

PS - The word I was looking for was ATMOSPHERE!  That's the word I write in my gratitude journal all the time.


Lacy Christ is a Fitness & Life Coach, Host of The Powerful Empath Podcast, and Motivational Speaker.  She’s a reformed introvert on a mission to inspire women to embrace their own ability to manifest dreamstyled lives!    


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