The Powerful Empath

040 | Not Believing In Yourself Is Total Bullsh*t

February 24, 2020

It took me forever to learn this lesson!  I don't want it to take forever for you too.  It's kind of a weird concept.  Because a lot of "manifestation" people will tell you that you have limiting beliefs... I get what they're saying, but I think that the TRUTH is we actually DO believe in ourselves.  The truth is - that we fear what will happen if we fail.  Fear is the true enemy of manifesting our dreams! ((Now we know - keep listening to find out how to overcome fear))

TAKEAWAY:  The desire for that thing - it's part of who you are - because it's meant for you.  What we truly can't do sometimes is overcome the fear surrounding the thing...  until now.  Let's do this together! 

Don't ask about the french fry.  It was my podcast pre-workout meal.

Also, in this episode I mention Brandon's coaching.  Follow him here: and access his Identity link here (limited space available):

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