The Powerful Empath

044 | Is What Feels Good Holding You Back?

April 16, 2020

Affirmations are not the answer.

Quotes are nice, but they're literally not going to change your life.

Setting an alarm won't give you more motivation.

Eating one good meal doesn't change your whole diet.

Life "hacks" are only temporary fixes that work - but they work for a moment.  What about the billion other moments we're experiencing.  Listen to this episode to take a good hard look at the habits that maybe aren't even typically bad - but they're holding you back.  Habits like alcohol, addictions, drugs can look like one drink a day, Facebook, and too much caffeine.  Think about your life and what you might be able to incrementally change so that you're not doing those habits anymore.  Maybe you'll like the person you become.  Maybe you'll step into the legend you were meant to be!  Who do you want to be?

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