The Powerful Empath

046 | Stronger Every Day

April 23, 2020

What:  Strength - both physical and mental, is something that builds only when we face challenges. 

Why:  We need it so we can do great things!  If you’re ok where you’re at and you don’t want to change anything - congratulations - you’ve arrived - and you have no place to go! 


If you’re like me - you’ll know that the more you know - the more you realize you don’t know - and out of every opportunity comes even more opportunity. 


The correlation between building physical strength and how that can actually change our mental toughness too. 


Our bodies have wisdom.

  • gut feelings
  • heart aches
  • tingles on our spine
  • hair stands on end


So how can we use this to our advantage?

  • use it by doing things that we didn’t think we do
  • Ask “What if” and IMAGINE
  • Be ok with failing.  If you’re so afraid of failing that you never try you’re doing yourself a disservice.  You’ll never get stronger and you’ll never grow. 

Lacy Christ is a Fitness & Life Coach, Host of The Powerful Empath Podcast, and Motivational Speaker.  She’s a reformed introvert on a mission to inspire women to embrace their own ability to manifest dreamstyled lives!    


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