The Powerful Empath

051 | Using Language to Change Beliefs

June 25, 2020

When we really use awareness to listen to our language and learn our limiting lingo - we can start to change how we see, and show up in - the world.  Magic happens! 

Here are the three ways you can begin to do this that I share in this episode:

1) Affirmations - and how to use them effectively.

2) Listening to our speech and our self-talk.

3) Using words to be more authentic.

BONUS:  Learn a new language!  :) 

Yay!  I'm really passionate about words and language and I'm only beginning to understand how powerfully language can impact our lives.  Join me on this journey.  XOXO

Lacy Christ is a 5D Living Coach on a mission to help the world see our connection to all things and the universe.  


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