The Powerful Empath

052 | Empaths Want To Be Alone - Or Do We?

June 29, 2020

In the past few weeks I've been questioning a lot of things about life, why we live it, and what our purpose is.  This episode is about much more than whether or not we, as empaths, really want our alone time.  It is about how we view our entire existence, and the way society has shaped how we show up every day.

I believe that the world is nearing a point where a critical mass must shift the tide to a different paradigm; one where empaths no longer need, or want - to be alone, but where we lead powerfully; encouraging others to step up and into a different dimension of living (5D).  

If you are interested in diving into these concepts deeper with me, please consider joining me for the Spark Masterclass: I AM, which takes place on June 14th at 2PM ET.  During this one hour Masterclass I'll be dropping nuggets of truth about the collective consciousness and who is responsible for changing the vibration (pssst:  I AM - and so are you!).  Sign up for free by using the link below.  

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Lacy Christ is a 5D Living Coach on a mission to help the world see our connection to all things and the universe.  

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