The Powerful Empath

054 | 3 Steps to Observe Don’t Absorb

July 7, 2020

“But if it is true that the act of observing changes the thing which is observed (because of Quantum), it's even more true that it changes the observer.” ~ Terry Pratchett

When you're on a journey from being an empath who ABSORBS everything to an empath who OBSERVES everything - there is a whole lot more going on than just becoming passive.  

Here's what the journey consists of:




And here are the steps I break down in this podcast episode:

Step 1:  Acknowledge that you are choosing to absorb, and own 100% responsibility for your choice.

Step 2:  Do your own work.  The only way out is through.  Call on your intrinsic motivation to go deep within and find your most authentic expression of self.

Step 3:  Have a greater purpose.  A reason for your observation.  You've had a reason all this time for your ABSORPTION - now it's time to fuel your higher calling...  being a powerful observer.  

Lacy Christ is a 5D Living Coach on a mission to help the world see our connection to all things and the universe. 



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