The Powerful Empath

055 | Empaths Drop Your Shields

July 10, 2020

We don’t need a bubble of light to protect us.  We ARE the light source and that light needs to reach people.

This episode was going to be about shielding - because I see empaths talking about this ALLL THE TIME.  And it makes my insides recoil.

We don’t need to shield if we are in our power. 

Most empaths are not going to consciously choose

  • violence
  • manipulation
  • cruelty

So why would we choose defense techniques like shielding?

A META PRINCIPLE for empaths is to learn to stop fighting your own path of world-changer and unifier, and become the person standing in front of the tank.  Become the person who is SO vulnerable and wields that vulnerability as their greatest strength. 


Lacy Christ is a 5D Living Coach on a mission to help the world see our connection to all things and the universe. 



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