The Powerful Empath

061 | 2020 Transformation

December 14, 2020

My story is testament to the fact that life's lessons never go into quarantine.  They are always there waiting for us to pluck them from the vortex and learn.

I've been gone for a while...  In this episode I'm sharing an inside look - big personal life-changes from my empath heart - with complete transparency.

Also learn the #1 thing YOU can implement today which was the biggest lesson I gleaned from the coaching program I put myself through, so that you too can journey on your own transformation in 2020.  It's not too late to get the lessons meant just for you, during this remarkable year that will forever go down in history.


Lacy Christ is a 5D DRE△MWEA▽ER - helping you lead your human existence through powerful experiences within yourself by accessing the unified field - using tools you already have and were born with.






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